AES 2016 Platinum Engineering Panel

1 Oct 2016

In October 2016 was at at the Audio Engineering Society convention in Los Angeles on thePlatinum Engineers panel, moderated by Michael Romanowsi, with Chuck Ainlay, Lynne Earls, Bob Ohllson and Andrew Scheps (who isn’t actually as big as he looks in this photo!). We took questions from the audience and told some “war stories”. It was a lot of fun! 

One thing that became very apparent was that we were all lucky to come up through the apprentice system. There was a real advantage to starting at the bottom and seeing so many others producers at work. There a lot of way to make good records, and a lot of ways to make bad ones too! A lot of questions were less technical and more about how to work with artists to get the best out of them. This is such an important discussion because in the end that’s what producing is all about: focusing on the emotion in the song, respecting it, and bringing it out in the most direct way possible!

(Above photo: from left to right: Michael Romanowski, Bob Ohllson,

Ryan Ulyate, Chuck Ainlay, Lynne Earls, Andrew Scheps)