The SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club

in July 1998 at SIGGRAPH 98 in Orlando The Interactive Dance Club (IDC) brought together the SIGGRAPH community in a grand social experiment. Attendees gathered to participate in creating a dynamic confluence of music, computer graphics, and lighting. I chaired this event and everyone that helped create it had that perfect combination of talent, ambition and audacity to realize this “dance club of the future”, where participants could shape music and visuals in a musically coherent and aesthetically pleasing way. All of this was done in a time when Silicon Graphics computers cost as much as a car! 

On August 12th 2018 at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver Judith Crow (SideFx) moderated a panel discussion with me, David Bianciardi (AV&C) and Greg Hermanovic (Derivative). We talked about this once-in-a lifetime event (well, at least in my lifetime!) and how it has influenced our current work. The video of the full discussion is below. (for a better resolution video, click here to go to the Vimeo site)


Here are some photos from SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club.

( for another oveview visit Greg Hermanovic’s historical El Kabong website)





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Orb Zone

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