1979 to Present:Producer / Engineer / Mixer. All Music has a (mostly) accurate discography * Discogs is even more complete, every record in every territory,** including several I forgot about! They even have a picture of my studio in Topanga, which they must have pulled from this website. (While we sleep the web crawlers creep!)

Other Career Highlights

1999-2001:Guest Lecturer at the MIT Media Lab. Co-Author of “The Interactive Dance Club: Avoiding Chaos In A Multi Participant Environment” presented at the 2001 New Interfaces For Musical Expression (NIME) workshop and published in the Computer Music Journal.

1998:Chairman of the Interactive Dance Club at Siggraph 98 in Orlando. (An idea ahead of it’s time!)

1994-1998:Interactive Audio Composer / Producer. Projects included: the Virtual Studio Tour at the CAA/Intel New Media Lab in Beverly Hills, the Magical Lagoon attraction at Hirakata Theme Park in Osaka. (Ask me about talking gnomes!)

1990-1994:Sound Designer. Working with Synclavier guru Craig Harris. Ad clients included: Budweiser, Chrysler, Michelob. Ad agencies include Chiat Day Mojo: Los Angeles, DDB-Needham: Chicago, J. Walter Thompson: New York. (4 years of national TV spots. Mostly cars and beer, but never cars with beer)

Before 1979: First 1/4” Mono session at age 7 (recording older sister’s singing group with dad’s mono reel to reel. Learned it’s not a good idea to absent-mindedly scratch the mic while recording! ). Got a 1/4” 2 track Teac (with “sound on sound”) at age 13 and became an expert at “bouncing”. Got a 4 track Teac (with “Simul-Sync”) at age 17 and created my first studio in the trailer I was renting from my sister and brother in law. Graduated “Recording School of America” (At Kaye-Smith Studios, Seattle- a real 16 track studio!) at age 20. Hit the streets of L.A. , swallowed my pride, got an a gofer job at George Tobin’s Studio Sound Recorders. 6 months later got my first engineering credit on a on a #1 record (Robert John’s “Sad Eyes”). All downhill after that ;-)


* All Music lists the original release date on some recent “Deluxe” reissues. I’m incorrectly credited on the 1979 (original) version of “Damn The Torpedoes” when I worked on the 2010 Deluxe Version. Same goes for a few ELO albums. I worked with Jeff Lynne on the reissues –not the originals done in the ’70’s.

** at the end of the Discogs list there is the “Grease” soundtrack a Sinatra album and a Nat King Cole album that I did not work on (I’m not THAT old!). They are included (by mistake) because my uncle, Lloyd Ulyate, played trombone on them.