Ryan’s Place in Topanga

Owning this studio gives me the freedom to perfect my mixes —including the ability to step away for some perspective (or lunch). I’ve mixed all my projects here since 2007, and just upgraded to Atmos in 2020

Morning at the mix room

The view down the canyon

Speakers: Seven ATC SCM 50s for the lowers and four ATC SCM 12is for the uppers

Rear view: Including 3 Pro Tools rigs: 2007 Mac G5 (PT 7.4), 2013 Mac Pro (PT 12.4) and 2020 Mac Mini (PT Ultimate)

3 Bag End 18” Infrasubs. One for bass management, 2 for dedicated LFE. Lots of shakey-shakey!

And wiring... lots of wiring

Here are photos of some recording in the main house, with guitarist Josh Jové (from The Shelters) and drummer Steve Ferrone (from some other band ). The living room sounds great, with 22’ ceilings and just the right amount of ambience –making it possible to record everything “in-house”.

Josh doing a 12 string overdub.

Looking down from the second floor at Steve Ferrone in the main room (28’ x 20’ x 22’ high)