The SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club


Here are some pictures from the Interactive Dance Club, held 20 years ago at the SIGGRAPH 98 Conference in Orlando, Florida. I chaired this event and everyone that helped create it had that perfect combination of talent, ambition and audacity to realize this “club of the future”, where participants could shape music and visuals in a musically coherent and aesthetically pleasing way. All of this was done in a time when Silicon Graphics computers cost as much as a car! ( For a better overview visit the El Kabong website of GCI Guru, Derivative founder and committee member Greg Hermanovic. )

It’s now official! Judith Crow will moderate and David Bianciardi, Greg Hermanovic and I will be having a panel discussion at  SIGGRAPH 2018  in Vancouver on Sunday August 12th at 3:45 pm to talk about this once-in-a lifetime event (well, at least in my lifetime!).