Ryan Ulyate  Producer / Engineer


February 2019

Welcome to my website.

I've been recording, mixing and producing music professionally, ever since I got my foot in the door of a “real” 24 track studio 1978. In 2005 I started doing lots of great work with Tom Petty. Working with Tom was It was an experience that I will be forever grateful for. He was my friend -a very talented and very cool guy.

Tom Petty: An American Treasure was released on September 28th 2018. On August 22nd we had a listening party at Village Recorder. Here’a an article about the event from Variety and another one from The Los Angeles Times

Here’s a more in-depth article from Rolling Stone published online on September 5th.

And for the audio geek, here’s a more in-depth article from the November 2018 edition of Mix Magazine that talks about the mixing and mastering of the project.

It’s an honor to be able to help bring to his fans all this great music that Tom left behind. Hopefully there will be more to come in the future!


If you want to get a sense of the guy I knew and loved, check out his interview he gave to Randy Lewis for the Los Angeles Times on September 27th 2017. There is a link to the one hour unedited audio of the interview at the bottom of the article that gives you a sense of who Tom was and what motivated his art. There was so much more he wanted to do!  Also, check out this article in Rolling Stone where Tom is remembered by Chase Simpson and Josh Jové of the Shelters. (The picture in the article was taken on the day The Shelters were signed to Warner Brothers Records)

The last album Tom and I worked on was Chris Hillman’s “Bidin’ My Time”. I think the albums that I’ve worked on that I love are the ones that fell together quickly and naturally. Chris’ album was exactly that. One of his greatest gifts is that he’s a singer that doesn’t sound like he’s “singing”. He’s just telling the truth. Johnny Cash had that too. He also gave me a huge compliment in a recent article, so it’s a bit of a mutual admiration society!

One of the things Tom and I were passionate about is Hi-Res audio. Hi-Res gives people the opportunity to hear exactly what we heard in the control room when we were making and mixing the music. Jim Belcher from Universal produced several 1-minute video interviews for the Stream The Studio website. I’m so fortunate to be included with some of my favorite producer/engineers on this!


Judith Crow, David Bianciardi, Greg Hermanovic and I had a great panel discussion at  the SIGGRAPH 2018  conference in Vancouver last August. We discussed the Siggraph 98 Interactive Dance Club that we put together 20 years ago  (a once-in-a lifetime event... well, at least in my lifetime!).  For more info check out my S98 IDC page.